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[02/05/2016] Just finished an autobiography from Dale Black of his flying experience that landed him a dry run to heaven. The title of the book is "Flight to Heaven" and the reason for saying that it was a "dry run" is that after he got there, he came back to finish living his life as a normal person. I normally don't like reading about airplane accidents, because 90% of the time it is caused by a stupid mistake. Well, this was no different, but I found that his experience was very unique. Plus, his experience centered around the Burbank airport, of which I flew out of for 7 years and enjoyed reminiscing my own experience. I also flew over the memorial a thousand times, but never knew its signaficance or its size. As for his experience of assension upto heaven, it doesn't contradict God's Word, and I would lean toward its reality rather than just his imagination.

[01/26/2014] Just finished another good book "Killing Jesus" by Bill O'Reily and John Doogard. A very compelling and historically educational. It is a bit too graphic regarding the sins committed by the Roman leaders of the time. Other than that, it really openned my eyes to the life style of the time and what the Jewish leadership did to get Jesus crucified.

I definitely recomend this book to any adult that wants to gain a better appreciation for God's Word and/or those that might question the validity of the crucifixion. It also helps to set a few misconceptions taught in Catholicism.

[7/1/2013 I just finished a good book called "The Harbenger" that was written by a converted Rabbi. He, knowing his Old Testament, found some very interesting similarities between the fall of Isreal and the United States as it pertains to "9/11". In Isaiah 9:10 Isreal is warned of impending doom if they do not turn their attention back to God. That impending doom has actually occurred here in the United States right under our noses. In fact, to top it off, that verse "Isaiah 9:10" is quoted twice by promonant government leaders at very important "9/11" commemoration events. Each time it is quoted to the audiance, they are unaware that it is not a blessing, but rather, God condemning Isreal for turning away from Him.

Essentially, God has removed His heg of protection because we (the United States) have turned our back toward Him. It also shares how the 2008 financial crises is foretold in the Old Testament and when the next crises will occur.

[2/8/2013] I have been refurbashing the entire Smart-Flock web site. The older version utilized Flash which some of the newer browsers are not accepting anymore. If you have been to a page that has a green background, then the editing portion has not been converted to the new technology. If your browser is not showing the Editor (when selected), then go to one of the other pages, at the top, and select its Editor. Clear the text provided and type in the editing change that you want to make.

It will take time before all of the topics are updated. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

[12/15/2012] This is the first entry into my blog. I would like your thoughts regarding the Smart-Flock web site. Are there any improvements that you would like to see, or changes that could be made?

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