Our hope is that this Smart-Flock web site will inspire you to learn and grow closer to God.

Welcome to our "Smart Flock" community. We encourage all to explore and hopefully grow closer to God. We do not aspire to any particular denomination, but aim our goal at bringing you God's Word and providing you with a few of the possible interpretations. Since we are not "Theologians" (professionals in Bible knowledge) we offer references from well noted Theologians any time there seems to be a conflict or differing view points.

Essentially, we are all God's sheep and have gone astray. Jesus, God's "one and only Son" or "begotten Son", is with us and is our shepherd caring for our needs and helping us in our daily walk. Smart-Flock espouses that concept by helping to herd His sheep in the right direction. Not that Jesus needs any help, but we are providing an additional resource that will hopefully help you grow your relationship closer to God.

What is Smart-Flock?