Core Beliefs

1. There is one and only one almighty God that is creator of all things, is absolutely everywhere and is absolutely all knowing.

2. This one God of 3 entities: Father, Son (Jesus), Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost). Each accomplishing specific duties while all being unified in their whole.

3. Every human has a unique eternal Soul (our eternal spiritual being). All of those that die prior to the age of accountability will spend eternity with God. While all others are destined to spend eternity away from God, unless they have accepted and believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ as their personal savior, then they also will spend eternity with God.

4. God has provided us with a manual, referred to as the Holy Bible, designed to help us live and grow closer in relationship to Him. This is His only manual and is also designed to answer all of the questions about Him that He wants us to know.

Note that the above are the basic or minimum core beliefs. Some may contend that there are additional core beliefs, which is acceptable as long as they do not conflict with the core beliefs listed above.

Item #3 refers to eternal salvation. God has given us an example of this "Core Belief" in His Word (Holy Bible). It is at the crucifixion of Jesus, where the man on the cross next to Jesus makes his request. We don't know exactly what he knew or didn't know prior to being crucified, but we do know that it was at his acceptance and belief in Jesus as the Son of God that earned him a place in eternity with God. In essence, because of what Jesus said and the things happening around him, he knew that Jesus was God. He also knew that he wanted to be with Jesus in eternity and that all of his preconceptions were in rebellion to God. And finally, in his enthusiasm, he expressed his new desire to Jesus (Luke 23:40-43).